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    Boomerang Buyers: Coming Back Around

    With the recession over, and the housing market once again on stable ground and, in most cases, home values appreciating…a new buying segment is emerging.

    Nicknamed the “Boomerang Buyers”, these are folks who lost their home to foreclosure or short sold a property. Analysts estimate that nearly 1.5 million consumers who have gone through foreclosure would be eligible to buy in 2014. That is a lot of homes for sale!

    According to, a website for consumers that have gone through short sale or foreclosure, 80% are interested in buying again and 61% have debt obligations lower than when they first purchased.

    Have you been impacted by short sale? You may be able to purchase again as soon as 2 years after the date of your short sale. Several of my primary lending partners offer attractive programs for this. Is that you? Contact me today and let’s discuss your options. You may be surprised to learn about the opportunities!