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    Getting Unstuck

    HARP Changes – Helping you Refinance

    Lenders are just now starting to take refinance applications under the newly revamped Home Affordable Refinance Program, known as HARP. Softened guidelines now allow homeowners to refinance without an appraisal or income verification. The cavea...

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    Don’t Sell (Yes, I said it!)

    We continue to see real estate prices depreciating, 3 years into this market cycle. While it's slowed in many of the areas I work, it's still happening to a degree. There's an easy solution. Sellers who aren't realistic as to their home's marke...

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    Getting Unstuck – Part 3 (Renting Revisited)

    As a follow up to previous post “Getting Unstuck” about renting your home, let’s delve further into what you should know if you’re renting your home. First, discuss the tax ramifications with your accountant or tax advisor. They’l...

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    Real Estate Rescue

    The weather is getting colder & a little gloomy (sigh), and that usually means a storm is brewing. But this isn't the storm you'd think. All over, home sellers are growing frustrated with their real estate consultants. For those that ha...

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    Getting Unstuck, Part 2 – Short Sales 101

    I recently posted one of my strategies for “Getting Unstuck” from your home. A different direction, and one predicated out of hardship, is a short sale. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this type of transaction. It can seem a little co...

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    Getting Unstuck, Part 1

    Stuck in a home where your value is underwater and you can’t afford to sell? I know the feeling. So, I’ve got some strategies to help you make a move. Strategy #1 is to rent your current home. Sounds easy, right? Here’s why it may ...

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