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    Energy Impact Illinois Rebates

    Chicago may be able to save money through Energy Impact Illinois' rebate program. Save up to $1,750 by having an energy audit completed at your home, and having air sealing, insulation and other improvements completed. For m...

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    Fall Home Maintenance Tips

    It's fall...and that means it's time for my fall home maintenance tips! Be sure to follow this checklist over the next few weeks, and make sure your home is in tip-top condition before the cold weather arrives. Have heating system checked b...

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    Spring Home Maintenance Tips

    The most important thing you can do for your home this spring is give it a tune-up! Here's my list of items to check to keep your home in great shape! Check the caulk & grout around sinks - replace as necessary Re-seal exterior wood d...

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    Savvy Seller Tip: Gather Your Receipts

    Buyers frequently ask for average utility bills, so be prepared and have these readily available in your home. Additionally, if you've had any work done on your home - everything from renovations to routine maintenance - pull those receipts...

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    Are the holidays a good time to sell?

    Should we list our home now, or wait until the new year? I get this question from sellers quite often around this time of year. There's really no right or wrong answer, as the holidays are often a busy and stressful time. However, serious bu...

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    Fall Home Tips: Prep your Wood Burning Fireplace

    Has it been a while since your fireplace was cleaned & checked? I thought so! Be sure to have this taken care of before the colder weather hits. Don't forget to open the damper, and hire a professional chimney sweep to make sure its clean!

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    Fall Home Tips: Prep Your A/C for Winter

    It's been warm out, so it's not yet time to shut down the A/C yet...but when the winter rolls in, be sure to inspect your air conditioning condenser. Check for any cracks or rust in the casing.  Then, Brush off any debrise, leaves, grass, etc...

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    Fall Home Tips: Check Those Windows

    Since we're coming off the warmer months, you've probably been opening and closing your windows frequently. If not, make sure you do that. It's smart to open & close your windows at least once a month to keep them functioning well. Take ti...

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    Fall Home Tips: General Maintenance Checklist

    While the days are still sunny & warm (at least here in Chicago), time to start prepping for your fall home maintenance. To keep your house functionioning at its best, follow this general checklist. And watch for more tips all week as part ...

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    Deck Maintenance Tips

    With a few weeks of summer left (say it isn't so!), if you haven't attended to your deck - now's the time! Keep the rest of your summer fun by following these easy deck maintenance tips. •Sweep your deck regularly •Clear away puddles of s...

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