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    Great New Loan Program Offers Affordability

    Direct from my friends at Perl Mortgage...details on a new home loan program that could give a great many home buyers an advantage when purchasing! The new HELP program offers a 5% down payment assistance for properties in specific areas.  Cli...

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    The Return of the Jumbo Mortgage

    For as long as I can remember, the term "jumbo mortgage" was a bad word. Time and time again buyers would scrape and scrape together money to  increase their down payment enough to meet the $417,000 conforming conventional loan maximum. But...

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    3% Down Payment? Crazy, But True!

    Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac recently announced a new loan program that is a potential game changer for first-time home buyers. Recognizing that income growth hasn't kept pace with rising home values, and saving up for a down payment can be a c...

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    2015 Housing Forecast: For Buyers

    Here is my 2015 Forecast, Round 2: For Home Buyers! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming year's housing market.  I recently shared my perspective for sellers, and now it's the buyers' turn. Here are my opinions/best strat...

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    2015 Mortgage Market Forecast

    Mortgage rates dipped again recently and the top-of-mind question is when will they go up, and stay up, for good. It looks like 2015 will be the year for that. We are coming off the fastest decline in rates we have ever seen. The Fed has ende...

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    Boomerang Buyers: Coming Back Around

    With the recession over, and the housing market once again on stable ground and, in most cases, home values appreciating...a new buying segment is emerging. Nicknamed the "Boomerang Buyers", these are folks who lost their home to foreclosure...

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