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    Tne Abuse of the Penthouse

    I was watching an episode of HGTV's House Hunters, and the buyers were looking in Chicago. And, without fail - as too often seems to happen - the buyers saw a "penthouse". Now, I have to throw my opinion out here a little. When I hear penth...

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    2013 Market Predictions

    With 2013 finally hear, our real estate market is buzzing. No, scratch that - not buzzing...screaming! I haven't been this busy this early in January in many years. Where will the market go? Here are my predictions! Mortgage rates will r...

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    Pocket Listings: A Definition

    A pocket listing is a home that isn't publicly listed for sale or isn't on the market yet. With the shortage of good homes for sale, I look to "pocket listings" as another strategic way to help find the right home for my buyers. With a stron...

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    Needs vs. Wants

    I've noticed a trend the past few years that is potentially hurting many buyers in their quest to purchase single family homes. Buyers coming from the so-called "luxury condo" have a hard time adjusting to the condition of many older homes and ...

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    Eyes Towards the Election

    In less than 5 months we could have a new president, and that's going to affect our real estate market. Sellers need to be prepared that buyers may wait to make decisions as we get into October. The industry buzz on this issue is light, as we'r...

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