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    5 Home Renovation Tips

    I've been getting a lot of questions and requests for advice on home renovation recently. So, I thought I'd share some of my experience & write a blog post about 5 easy ways to make your home renovation go more smoothly. 1)Make Sure Your...

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    Renovation Week: Projects To Do Before You Move-in

    If you are moving into a new home, and anticipating doing some are the top 5 projects you should do *before* you move in. Doing so saves you a lot of headache between moving furniture, clothing, etc. 1)Refinish floors/repl...

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    Renovation Week: Basement Remodel Update

    My second stab at remodeling has been far less stressful than the first time around. So far, this is making me quite happy. I'm finding it much easier to make decisions, order materials, and the process is moving along smoothly. Perhaps it's th...

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