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    Renovation Diary: Kitchen Cabinets are in!

    The kitchen cabinets are almost all done! Of course, it's now time for the counter tops to get measured & installed, but we are moving along. Ahead this week....the full bath will be grouted and tile down in the half bath floor. Then, it...

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    Renovation Diary: Countdown To Moving!

    We are in the home stretch of my renovation. Last week and this week are big ones, with the baths getting tiled, the floors getting stained, final paint coats, kitchen counters and appliances going in, and a new garage. So far, the full bath...

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    Renovation Diary: We Have Lights…and more!

    Despite my frustrations with my contractor this week (stay tuned for that post, after editing of course), the house is coming along. We passed the plumbing rough-in inspection. So, finish work has been completed. Water heaters are in, as wel...

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    Renovation Diary: Plumbing Underway!

    Plumbing work is well underway in the house! All of the pipes have been replaced, sump pump is in, new lines for the washer/dryer are complete...and my 6' tub is in and it actually looks good in the space. Thank god! In other v...

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    Renovation Diary: Tiles and Tuckpointing

    I've finally purchased my first bit of tile for the house. Here are pictures of the kitchen tile that will be in the house, all $1,695 of it (shown on display at Tile Outlet, where I purchased it from). And while I continue to wait for p...

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    Renovation Diary: “10 Days”

    If you've seen the movie "The Money Pit", I may just be living my own version of it. Remember when Tom Hanks' character asks his general contractor how much longer? And his response is always "2 weeks". For me, it's starting to be "10 Days"...

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    Renovation Diary: Bath Choices Almost Done!

    I've made a lot of progress the past few weeks with this room, which has been a difficult one for me. The major challenge was working within the bathroom's small space. I had already decided to go with a pocket door to maximize space (see pr...

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    Renovation Diary: Curb Appeal!

    As a realtor, curb appeal is one of the most important things to do to help sell your home. But I quickly realized that it was just as important for me to fall in love with my home every day, when I came home. So, new landscaping has been c...

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    Renovation Diary: Demo, Mold, Asbestos…oh my!

    This past week was a busy one! The mold remediation is done and the basement looks great - nice and clean and not like a dirty pit! $6,000 gets you 4 days of demolition, HEPA air scrubbers, EPA-approved containment, bathroom removal (a bonus...

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