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    Renovation Diary: Farewell to the Floor

    I'm sad to announce that the bathroom floor has to go. My friends, I have been trying for weeks to find tile and fixtures that would match and complement the floor and after trips to tile shop after tile shop, it's become clear...the only way t...

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    Renovation Diary: A Tale of Two Sinks

    As mentioned in a recent blog post, I'm stuck between sinks. Figuratively, of course. There was option 1, which I quickly fell out of favor with - it looks cheap, doesn't it? I liked the open feel of it, as it felt less bulky in an a...

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    Renovation Diary: We Have Fixtures and Appliances!

    Well, almost. This past week I spent nearly 5 hours with my contractor, Don, shopping for fixtures. Everything from the kitchen sink (found!) to the bathroom faucet (not found). It was a long day - not helped by the fact that I was having a fa...

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    Renovation Diary: To Pocket or Not to Pocket

    Wednesday, May 4th is D Day. No, not as in doomsday. And not as in Demolition Day. It's decision day. My general contractor, Don, and I will traipse around Chicago from shop to shop to select the fixtures for my home. Appliances, tile, sink...

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    Renovation Diary: The Quest to Save the Floor

    The story of the bathroom floor in this house really deserves its own blog post. Up until now, I haven't really talked about my love for it. Some of my readers have though, so I think it's time for some background on my feelings on the bathro...

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    Renovation Diary: Cutting Costs, Planning for Later

    I've written before that the renovation was getting more expensive. I hit a point where it was time to scrap a few plans. So, with that, the basement moved to the list of projects for later. The total cost to add a sump pump/drain tile system, ...

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