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    Renovation Diary: Things They Don’t Tell You

    And by "they", I mean anyone you know who has ever done renovation. The truth is, I've learned that anything in life you are going through, the more you talk about it, the more ideas you will get and the more people will come out of the woo...

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    Renovation Diary: This Just Got More Expensive

    After my first of two inspections, one thing is apparent: this renovation is getting more expensive. Before inspecting the home, I knew we needed to open up some walls, improve some electric, gut 2.5 baths and a kitchen, add some lighting, refi...

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    Renovation Diary: The Start

    After a long and exhausting home search, I finally found a home for *me*. Since I frequently hear clients say they don't want to do much work, I thought being a guinea pig on a renovation loan would be a great way to share my experience and o...

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    Which Counters to Choose?

    Spring is renovation season, and for many that starts with kitchens & baths. Since I'm getting ready to renovate a home, I'm buried in a sea of choices! Here's a great blog link I found that helps break down your options for kitchen counter...

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