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    Deck Maintenance Tips

    With a few weeks of summer left (say it isn’t so!), if you haven’t attended to your deck – now’s the time! Keep the rest of your summer fun by following these easy deck maintenance tips.

    •Sweep your deck regularly

    •Clear away puddles of standing water and any build-up of dirt/leaves (these can sit, wet, causing mold & wood deterioration)

    •Inspect your deck annually. Walk around and listen for squeaks and feel for soft parts or sagging areas. Use a screw driver to apply pressure to key parts of the deck – this will help you find any wood rot (hint: wood gets soft as it begins to rot).

    •Secure any loose railings or banisters

    •Replace rotting boards as necessary

    •Water test – if the water beads up, you are set. If it soaks into the wood, time to re-apply sealant

    •Do not use a metal shovel to remove snow, as it can pierce the coating and cause it to erode.

    •If you have a steel deck, have it repainted every few years.