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    Edgewater’s Granville ‘Strip’ Keeps Getting Better

    The stretch of Granville between Kenmore & Broadway continues to see more businesses enter the area, most recently with Pete’s Pizza opening up at Winthrop. I can’t even put into words how excited I am, mostly for my friends and clients in Edgewater. Pete’s is one of my favorite restaurants in town, mostly because of their thin crust pizza and carrot cake, the latter of which is served in humongous slices and is rich and delicious.

    Even better, this location has something the one by me (Addison & Western), doesn’t. A Gelato Bar. Heaven has arrived on Granville in the shape of Pete’s. Try the Pumpkin Pie Gelato – it literally tastes like the real thing.

    Back to my original point, the Granville stretch of businesses has improved substantially since clients of mine purchased a home at 1134, the Clarovista 2 years ago. M Henrietta (another outpost of Andersonville’s M. Henry) opened, Bananas Foster expanded, joining my standby for one of the best mochas in town, Metropolis Coffee. (Ok, ok…Metropolis has been there for a while…but they deserve a mention!). It’s nice to see this area improving & with more options for people to gather in the neighborhood.

    And I repeat…pumpkin pie gelato. Go have some!