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    Fall Home Tips: General Maintenance Checklist

    While the days are still sunny & warm (at least here in Chicago), time to start prepping for your fall home maintenance. To keep your house functionioning at its best, follow this general checklist. And watch for more tips all week as part of “Fall Home Maintenance Week” (Creative title, huh?)

    ·Have your heating system cleaned & checked by a professional
    ·Turn on humidifier
    ·Test GFCI outlets, as well as smoke and CO detectors
    ·Check and repair caulk/grout in tubs, showers and sinks
    ·Check condition of power and extension cords
    ·Clean dirt/dust from around the furnace
    ·Check (and repair) caulking at doors and windows
    ·Check weather stripping for damage and fit
    ·Check vents and chimneys for animal nests
    ·Check catch basins for adequate drainage and have cleaned
    ·Drain outside water lines and hoses
    ·Clean all roof/attic vents, gutters and downspouts
    ·Check all railings and banisters
    ·Inspect decks and porches for structural failure or cracked/loose boards and supports
    ·Inspect wiindows for broken seals
    ·Have chimney swept and check chimney masonry
    ·Check safety reverse and electronic eye functionality on garage door opener
    ·Check water heater release valve and drain 2-3 gallons of water to remove sediment