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    Prepping to Sell in Spring 2016 – Savvy Home Seller Tip #1

    All this Week, I’ll be bringing you my “Savvy Home Seller” Tips, designed to help you prepare to sell your home in Spring 2016. Enjoy and please contact me directly ( if you’re thinking about making a move in the new year.


    The spring housing market begins between Mid-January and Mid-February.  Yet many sellers wait until March or April when the number of homes for sale has increased.  With warmer temperatures expected this winter, we should see the spring homes start moving earlier then in the previous two winters.  Warmer winters have traditionally brought out buyers earlier.  Be prepared for that!


    • Most sellers can achieve a higher sales price and faster sale in the spring
    • Entering the market early = fewer competing homes for sale
    • Start early and stand out!
    • Spring is still the best time to sell a home