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    Prepping to Sell in Spring 2016 – Savvy Home Seller Tip #2

    All this Week, I’ll be bringing you my “Savvy Home Seller” Tips, designed to help you prepare to sell your home in Spring 2016. Enjoy and please contact me directly ( if you’re thinking about making a move in the new year.

    #2 – DE-CLUTTER

    You’ve heard this – but what does it mean to de-clutter?  Here are tips on how to do it effectively!

    • Remove 50% of items from shelves and book cases
    • Remove 30% of clothes from closets (here’s a hint:  if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it)
    • Remove personal items, mops, brooms and similar items from HVAC and laundry closets – believe it or not, this sends the message that your home doesn’t have enough storage
    • Reduce the number of children’s toys. (hint:  slowly remove toys from the play rotation, one by one, week by week.  After you move you can slowly bring them back)
    • Look under your bed.  Now remove everything you see
    • Clean up the desk – no piles, tidy files and keep only 1 pen cup
    • Your plants need a vacation – permanently.  More than a few potted plants in a room hides the space (same goes for balconies, decks and terraces).  Send them on their way!

    Remember….you will need to pack these items for your move at some point.  It may as well be now!