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    Renovation Diary: “10 Days”

    If you’ve seen the movie “The Money Pit”, I may just be living my own version of it. Remember when Tom Hanks’ character asks his general contractor how much longer? And his response is always “2 weeks”.

    For me, it’s starting to be “10 Days”. But I’m not talking about completion…I’m talking about permits.

    Mother f**king permits. Here’s how the story goes:

    The original permit application was submitted shortly after I closed. We were right on track. And when I asked my contractor how long until we got them…his answer was (you guessed it): 10 days.

    There was a glitch, however: the permit application was submitted with plans to renovate the basement. These had, in fact, been stricken from the plan several months before. Somehow, the architect submitting the application wasn’t informed that the basement was out. His communication only came from the contractor. You can do the math on that one. The result: application denied, and nearly 5 weeks lost.

    Now, on June 28th, I spoke directly with the architect (I was not taking any chances anymore). I was told, about 10 days until we had new permits in hand. Today, when asking for a progress update, I learned that the application process finally allowed him to upload the plans today. And, from there, it would take (say it with me) 10 days for them to be reviewed.

    The end result: I don’t have any permits, I don’t know when I’ll get the permits, and – to quote A Chorus Line – I’m starting not to give a crap about the permits.

    So here we are, 2 months after closing and nothing else can be done in the house until we have permits. It isn’t until that day happens that electric & plumbing can happen, and everything else that will follow. The chance of my home being done & livable by the time my family comes to visit in early September is becoming slimmer and slimmer.

    But I’m sure it will only be 10 more days.