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    Renovation Diary: Countdown To Moving!

    We are in the home stretch of my renovation. Last week and this week are big ones, with the baths getting tiled, the floors getting stained, final paint coats, kitchen counters and appliances going in, and a new garage.

    So far, the full bath is tiled and awaiting grout:

    The new garage is up!

    The floors are sanded and have already had 2 coats of stain put on….but they are too wet to walk on so pictures coming soon. These pictures are from when they were sanded and also the final paint coats were done.

    The kitchen hit a snag on 2 fronts: the pantry door won’t open with the current light fixture so that needs to be replaced, and the cabinets aren’t fully in due to some work they still need to do for them, but so far they are looking good!

    Oh and yes…we have a date! October 26th! And with that, and the work happening this week, my anxiety has turned to excitement realizing that we are almost done.