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    Renovation Diary: Cutting Costs, Planning for Later

    I’ve written before that the renovation was getting more expensive. I hit a point where it was time to scrap a few plans. So, with that, the basement moved to the list of projects for later. The total cost to add a sump pump/drain tile system, renovate the bath and complete all of the finish work & new lighting was going to push me over budget.

    So, It’s on the list for 2015/2016 now. The up side though, is that I’ll have a blank canvas in the basement and I can live in the house during heavy rains, to make sure there isn’t water issue coming from any where else i can’t see, like a foundation crack.

    Also scrapped….new doors (though I may spring for those on my own), and the built-in media cabinet/book shelves in the living room. I’m having a hard time letting that one go, but I’m confident that I can fund that one on my own if I have a good enough year in my business.

    I’ve also had to move a new roof to the future projects list. Now, don’t worry – the roof on this house is fine, but it does have 3 or 4 layers on it. The roof will be replaced, along with a new garage, likely in late 2014.

    The post-renovation, renovation project list looks like it will cost about $50K. I better start saving! Home ownership is, as I already knew, expensive.