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    Renovation Diary: Pocket Door Will Save The Day…I Hope

    My bathroom struggles are not just limited to the floor, and matching everything to it. No, my friends, my problems grew greater as I learned the key importance of the door swing. That is, factoring in the space that the door needs to clear everything in the bathroom. Now I realize that is why the bath counter got skinnier near the door!

    After a late night spent playing on, it hit me…pocket doors! But a pocket door, in a bathroom? Would that look good? Would it be functional? Would it work??

    After much discussion, and naturally, a lot of opinions garnered via Facebook, I have decided to remove the small linen closet on the other side of my shower wall, and use that space to install a pocket door. It’s the best way to solve the problem of my ever so small bathroom. And, considering i have a very large closet across from the bathroom, I don’t think I’m giving up all that much.

    Now, if I can just find some ways to match that floor to tile and vanity, I’d be all set!