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    Renovation Diary: The Quest to Save the Floor

    The story of the bathroom floor in this house really deserves its own blog post. Up until now, I haven’t really talked about my love for it. Some of my readers have though, so I think it’s time for some background on my feelings on the bathroom floor.

    The house I’m buying is a foreclosure, so by definition there is a level of “grossness” with it. Other than needing a very, very deep clean…it also has an ‘older’ home feel to it (it was built in the early 1950s), kind of like grandma’s house. Much of the renovation will help to freshen that and bring it to 2013 standards. But I have also been keen to try and salvage anything in the home that could either be used by myself or some other deserving soul! Maybe it’s my years working at Whole Foods, maybe it’s my obsession with DIY’s Nicole Curtis (and her attempts to salvage everything), or maybe I just want to prevent more landfill in this country…..but I am hell bent on salvaging this bathroom floor.

    The real reason, though, is that I love it. Look at the intricacy of the pattern. It’s like each tile was individually laid. Now, that may or may not be the case…but in my fantasy world, some meticulous person cut and polished each and every tile and laid it down sometime in the 1970s. With the right fixtures to complement it, I think this floor is going to shine.

    Bonus: the grout is dark, which for a bathroom means it will be easier to keep clean. As time moves on, the story of the bathroom floor will evolve I’m sure. For now, I’m working pretty hard to make sure I can find the perfect sink, tile, tub, etc. to blend in with it. With any luck, a 1970s meets 2013 sexy glam bathroom will result. Stay tuned for the outcome!