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    Renovation Diary: Things They Don’t Tell You

    And by “they”, I mean anyone you know who has ever done renovation.

    The truth is, I’ve learned that anything in life you are going through, the more you talk about it, the more ideas you will get and the more people will come out of the wood work with good advice.

    But this is a blog post about what happens *before* you start doing that. When you are too nervous about inspections – and afraid that you will jinx it if you talk about it before they happen and the house passes.

    Therefore, the start of this process is maddening. There, I’ve said it. I was (am?) completely overwhelmed by everything that has to be done. At first, it was the need to have architectural design plans drawn *before* meeting with contractors. You see, when you call a contractor and ask them to come have a look and bid on the job, they will ask you for your plans….at the job site. They won’t ask you this up front. That would be helpful. Most of them assumed I knew what I was doing (to their defense, at the outset of this project I was talking like I knew what I was doing…now I’m telling everyone I don’t have a damn clue, and it’s working much better, thank you very much).

    But back to the plans…not having those on site with you is almost a waste of everyone’s time. (Lesson #1). Most other things I’ve learned so far have come from meetings with various sub contractors where each asked me “do you want to do X or Y”. My normal reply was something to the effect of “can you explain both to me?”. God bless them, they did…and I’m learning so much!

    I guess the title of this post should really have been “One thing they won’t tell you” , because that’s really all I’ve covered. But after sharing that with you, I’m exhausted and overwhelmed! (Are you seeing a pattern here?).

    I’m also being painfully stubborn about trying to save certain things during this renovation. And my contractors are the first to tell me that I should just get rid of things. I’m blaming my obsession on Nicole Curtis from DIY’s Rehab Addict. I really should stop watching her fantastic television show – it gives me too many ideas! Like saving the intricate bathroom tile (more on that later) and the original double-basin slop sink in the basement. So, Nicole Curtis, if you are reading….stop it. You are making this more difficult.

    On that note, I’m off to watch another episode. Maddening, I tell you!