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    Renovation Diary: This Just Got More Expensive

    After my first of two inspections, one thing is apparent: this renovation is getting more expensive. Before inspecting the home, I knew we needed to open up some walls, improve some electric, gut 2.5 baths and a kitchen, add some lighting, refinish floors, replace some doors and trim, new water heater, and fix the basement mold. After I’ve written that….it is a lot. What was I thinking?!?

    After inspection, we have some additional work to do: a few more roof vents, gutters and refinishing the crawl space below the 3rd bedroom (an addition to the home).

    I was lucky that during my inspection, I met the neighbor next door who was outside the home when we were. I was able to confirm the neighborhood hasn’t had sewer back-up problems (good) and that the previous owner had recurring water issues in the basement (bad). I was already planning on a drain tile system, but a flood control system may also be in order. I’ll know more once we have the home de-winterized and the water turned back on. That’s coming up soon…..