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    Renovation Diary: Tiles and Tuckpointing

    I’ve finally purchased my first bit of tile for the house. Here are pictures of the kitchen tile that will be in the house, all $1,695 of it (shown on display at Tile Outlet, where I purchased it from).

    And while I continue to wait for permits, I’ve at least been able to move forward with the tuck pointing work the home needed. The masonry team from AAA Masonry was on site last weekend and replaced some of the glass block windows in the basement, tidied up the chimney, bricked up a hole left when the 3rd bedroom space heater was removed and handled a few other areas of concern on the exterior. Total Cost: $2,800.

    I was so pleased with how the new glass block windows look though, that I may have two more replaced as well as the glass block windows in both bathrooms. Apparently once you start remodeling, you can’t stop…