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    Renovation Diary: To Pocket or Not to Pocket

    Wednesday, May 4th is D Day. No, not as in doomsday. And not as in Demolition Day.

    It’s decision day. My general contractor, Don, and I will traipse around Chicago from shop to shop to select the fixtures for my home. Appliances, tile, sinks, etc. All to be chosen on May 4th.

    I’m about as close to crapping my pants as an adult can be right now. This is it! Closing is 2 weeks out, and we have to finalize these items.

    While the fixtures for the half bath and the kitchen are proving easy to decide on…the full bath is really throwing me for a loop.

    If you are following along, you know about the goal to save the bathroom floor. First, let’s mention that matching tile to this retro design is a doozy…which is a problem in itself. But I’m also faced with a very small bathroom. This translates to a challenge with everything: tub and sink size, primarily. Today, however, while browsing through for ideas, I had an epiphany: replace the swinging in door with a pocket door!

    How had I not thought of this before? We are putting a deeper tub in the bathroom, so we will be opening up the walls and replacing the plumbing. On the back side of the wall in the shower there is a 14″ deep linen closet. The plans already called for us to decrease the size of this closet to accommodate the larger tub. It dawned on me today that we can simply remove this closet entirely (fear not, my friends – I still have a very large and very deep hall closet that is linen & additional utility storage – so we are good there).

    If we are removing the closet entirely….we can build in a pocket door for the bathroom!

    Now, I know what you are thinking – pocket doors are flimsy, weird and how can you lock them, right? Won’t someone walk in on your peeing?

    The answers to those questions are probably yes….but I think it’s a chance I’m going to have to take to have more options on the interior finish of the bathroom. And let’s be honest – I’ve lived by myself for 10 years – the bathroom door never closes. So, I’m not really losing anything, right?

    To Pocket or Not to Pocket…I’ve got some (more) decisions to make!