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    Renovation Diary: We Have Fixtures and Appliances!

    Well, almost.
    This past week I spent nearly 5 hours with my contractor, Don, shopping for fixtures. Everything from the kitchen sink (found!) to the bathroom faucet (not found). It was a long day – not helped by the fact that I was having a fantastically busy week with work, and the only thing I really wanted to do was to sleep. But alas, these decisions aren’t going to make themselves, so at 7:45 in the morning Don and I set out for our first stop, a plumbing supply company on the border of river west/west loop.

    Found there: Toilets (2), Powder room sink, Main bath sink (or so I thought…more on that in a future blog post), tub (maybe), and lots of hardware.

    It was then off to the stone yard/fabricator to see where that would be made. Unfortunately, as I walked in…I fell in love with the granite slab in front of me. Blast! How could they woo me away from my ceasarstone like that? I quickly realized that this day would be filled with a lot of re-considerations.

    After that it was off to Grant’s appliances, where Bruce showed me a variety of options (some pictured above). When you have lived a certain way for 10 years, you know what you need. This makes the decision making easier and also harder. French door fridge or side by side? Professional or pro series? All of these decisions! Leaving Grant’s, I was about to pass out. Kind of what I feel like writing this post and remembering that day.

    Luckily, the next day – swimming in a sea of quotes/invoices showing the cost of everything I would be, I realized a few things:

    1)I was going to be over budget on my fixtures and tile. By a lot.
    2)I could stay on budget with appliances, or be substantially under if I scrapped the vent hood and french door fridge.
    3)I didn’t like the sink I chose for the full bath.

    I also realized that the granite I fell in love with, while great, would not be the best fit for my kitchen – it was a white style and would make the kitchen feel like a snow drift with my white cabinets. So, off to Community Home Supply I went to review my chosen ceasarstone color. Luckily, it looked better in person than the picture on my phone (which made it look brown). It was definitely a marbled gray – so I bid farewell to the granite slab i put on hold.

    I also struck a fancy with a sink/vanity combination…but that’s for another post 🙂