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    Renovation Week: Renovation Diary – Basement Begins

    If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you know that 2 years ago I tackled my first major home renovation. I blogged about my experiences and shared advice, lessons learned, my many frustrations and of course, lots and lots of difficult decisions like which toilet to purchase. That’s part of where this week’s “Renovation Week” theme came from.

    It also happens to time out with my next renovation. We have just started our basement remodel! Naturally, it’s time to blog about my experience.

    I will say that this time around, I’m using a different contractor, and the comfort I already have with him (as he’s done many other projects for me and my clients) is substantially reducing my stress. This is also a lighter remodel than last time, but nonetheless….lots of money spent, so nerves are high.

    So here’s the plan. (Re) Finish off our roughly 1,000 square foot basement. I saw “re” before finish, as the basement was partially finished before….but due to the amount of mold remediation we had to do in the house’s original renovation (it was foreclosed and vacant for 3 years), half of the drywall was ripped out.

    On the docket is finishing drywall, insulating the exterior walls, can lights and dry-walling the ceiling throughout, finishing the laundry room, actual doors that close, and in the bathroom, roughing back in shower and finishing off that space. We’ll also finish a formal office/4th bedroom and create a separate room for mechanicals (complete with floor drain) and separate storage area.

    As is typical, though, I’m finding myself wanting to add things to the project last minute…namely a full finish of the bathroom, closet build out and actually putting down carpet. Will I actually decide to spend that extra money? Check back soon to find out!