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    Renovation Week Tip: Let Someone Else Do The Heavy Lifting


    Well, I didn’t necessarily mean your spouse/partner (as this picture depicts), but I did mean your contractor! Most home improvement stores or specialty suppliers will allow you to either ship direct to your home, or purchase materials and have your contractor pick-up. The best part on the latter, is you simply provide their name and you don’t need to be present. While this costs a little more (shipping costs, or your contractor billing back for their time), I highly recommend taking this option when overseeing your own remodeling project or house renovation.

    I was reminded of this fact the other night, when I decided to lift several hundreds of pounds of tile (visible on the flat cart Bryant is pushing in this photo). I’m paying for it now with a pulled muscle (see also: getting old). The moral of the story is this: let someone else do the heavy lifting! Be the project manager not the project doer and your experience will be much more enjoyable, and hopefully, less painful!

    One other piece of advice….be sure to include any costs associated with this up front when planning your budget. Specifically ask your contractor about doing this and what he/she will charge for it, and make sure it’s written into your bid.