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    Scott’s Savvy Seller Tip: Clean Up Your Title

    In preparation for the fall housing market, this week I’m sharing my “Savvy Seller” tips. The best way to achieve a sale in today’s market is to be creative, smart and most importantly savvy. These tips have proven successful over the years, and will help you stay competitive in a challenging marketplace.

    First….take a look at your home’s title. Whoever is on the title to a property needs to sign all the documents to transfer ownership. In many cases, especially divorce, previous owners who no longer have an interest in the property need to be removed to ensure a smooth sale. Be sure to check your property’s title before listing your home (your real estate attorney can do this) to avoid any issues or delays during the process. A quitclaim deed is the easiest way to clear up title issues or questions before you sell your home.

    Use a Quitclaim Deed to:
    -Transfer property between family members
    -Place personal property into a business entity or trust
    -Remedy other special or unusual circumstances

    Note: The deed transfers interest, but doesn’t guarantee the grantor’s ownership rights. It also doesn’t guarantee whether the property is free of debts like mortgages or contractor liens. For more information, or referral to a qualified attorney who can help you with this, e-mail me at scott(dotted)curcio(at)cbexchange(dotted)com.