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    Scott’s Savvy Seller Tip: De-Clutter

    We’ve all heard this strategy when it comes time to sell your home. But what does it mean to de-clutter as you prepare for the market? Here are tips on how to do it effectively!

    -Remove 50% of items from shelves and book cases

    -Remove 30% of clothes from closets (hint: if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it)

    -Remove personal items, mops, brooms and similar items from HVAC and laundry closets – believe it or not, this sends the message that your home doesn’t have enough storage

    -Reduce the number of children’s toys. This is a tough one and the easiest way is to slowly remove toys from the play rotation, one by one, week by week. After you move (into a presumably larger space) you can slowly bring them back

    -Look under your bed. Now remove everything you see

    -Clean up the desk – no piles, tidy files and keep only one pen cup

    -Your plants need a vacation – permanently. More than a few potted plants in a room hides the space (same goes for balconies, decks and terraces). So send them on their way!

    -Remember…you will need to pack these items for your move at some point – it may as well be now!