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    Savvy Seller Tip: Embrace Your Home’s Challenges

    I’m sure Realtors across the country will cringe when reading this one. But remember that this has worked and made me & my clients successful, so I’m sharing it with you!

    If your home has an obvious deficiency – no yard when all your neighbors have sprawling, lush lawns….no garage when every house on the block has a 2 car…bathrooms from 1960 when the norm is rehabbed with marble – be up front about it and play off that fact.

    There is nothing worse than a buyer walking in with an expectation that isn’t met. That typically happens when a realtor or seller has tried to hide the proverbial elephant in the room behind a curtain. The buyers always find it and it kills a potential sale right there!

    I’ve often told clients that I’d rather we achieve 5 private showings with qualified buyers who are really excited about their home and can’t wait to see it…than 30 visits by buyers who hear/see the deficiency and immediately want to turn and leave. Those extra 25 are wasted viewings (and time for the owner to get the house show ready).

    But how can you play off this fact? A few examples:

    No Lawn…Backyard removed for your convenience!
    Rehab needed….Bring your design ideas, sledgehammer & blow torch!
    No parking…Sell Your Car!

    Believe it or not, there are actually people who look for these details in the home they buy. They may not want added maintenance or it may simply not be a factor in their decision. Of course, to be a truly savvy seller, not only must you work with these details in your marketing, you also must tried to present alternative options for the buyer who is on the fence. Find & present rental parking options, offer a credit for cosmetic upgrades, buy houseplants for the new owner. Whatever it takes!