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    Scott’s Savvy Seller Tip #1: Polish!

    You wouldn’t buy a pair of dusty, beat up shoes off the shelf at a retailer, would you? Well, your home is the same way. Polish it up before you hit the market.

    Curb Appeal
    We’ve heard this time and time again, and it’s easy to control if you live in a building you own. You can landscape, trim back trees, repaint the front door and power wash the siding. However, what if you’re living in a condo building? You have much less control on the exterior and interior maintenance.  Your best bet is to be involved in the condo board. Start making your concerns known by attending meetings.

    Here’s a scenario: You live in a 3 unit building, and the main hallway carpet has been trampled, is dirty and generally shows a lot of wear and tear. What’s more, the walls are scuffed. But, your fellow owners don’t want to spend the money to replace and repaint. You’re planning to sell your home. Well, you just may have to take the initiative and explore re-placing the carpet on your own dime and doing a little weekend painting. Unfair? Indeed. However, if it could make the difference between selling your home, and sitting on the market for months, perhaps it’s worth it? Of course, get permission first.

    Re-Paint & Re-Carpet
    Painting is one of the easiest, and most cost-effective, improvements you can make for your home. Blue or purple walls? Red or black carpet?  Neutralize them! In the scheme of renovations, these are low cost and high impact!

    Professional Photographs
    Despite the growth of professional photographs used by real estate pros today, I am consistently amazed (let down, really) when realtors don’t use them to market a property. There really isn’t an excuse, and as a seller, you should insist that at the very least there *are* photos of your property online.  Details like dishes in the sink, raised toilet seats and unkempt counters are very visible in photos, and give the impression that your home may be dirty & disorganized (hardly the lifestyle you want to sell!). Here are some bad photos for your enjoyment: