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    Savvy Seller Tip: Pre-Listing Home Inspection

    It’s a smart idea to take care of any potential issues – things that would be addressed on a home inspection and potentially cause a buyer to walk away – before you list your home. Don’t leave anything to chance! Courtesy of Michelle Teague, one of my lead inspectors with All About Homes (, here’s a list of the most common items that come up in buyers’ home inspections:

    -Clean out and repair leaking gutters and downspouts

    -Repair or replace any damaged roofing shingles or exterior siding/masonry

    -Check for loose toilets and faucets and have them repaired

    -Check sink drains for leaks

    -Repair loose tiles, cracked grout and worn caulking in kitchens and bathrooms

    -Gather warranty paperwork and/or maintenance history for major mechanicals and appliances

    -Check for any compromised thermopane window seals (appears as fogginess between window panes). Find out if any remaining warranty will cover replacement cost

    -Install any screens & storm windows. Repair damaged screens/storms. Make sure all windows open and close

    -Test all GFCI outlets and replace if they do not trip properly; Install GFCI outlets within 6 feet of water in kitchen, bathroom and all exterior outlets

    -Professionally service furnace/boiler and air conditioning condenser. Consider having your ductwork cleaned, especially if you have pets

    -Check for water stains (mold) and repair the source/interior damage

    -Make sure there is at least one carbon monoxide and smoke detector on every floor and within 15 feet of each bedroom