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    Savvy Seller Tip – Respond to All Offers

    It’s my final tip in my “Savvy Seller” series. And this one sounds like a no-brainer. Of course, you should respond to offers, right??

    Well, the reality today is that many sellers often see offers as too low and potentially offensive, chalking it up to a buyer who isn’t serious. Newsflash – we are in a depreciating market and most every buyer wants to start low. That doesn’t mean they will end low.

    Remember…the low offer you have today is better than the non-offer you had yesterday. You never know where an offer will get to, price-wise, so respond and listen to your realtor. Develop a negotiation strategy and see if you can work this buyer up to a price and terms that work for you. If you’re serious about selling, you owe it to yourself!