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    Scott’s Savvy Seller Tip: Strategize For The Market

    I missed a few of these last month, so here are the rest of my Savvy Seller Tips!

    Now we’re getting into the real meat of our “Savvy Seller” tips! We all know it takes a lot of work to get your home ready for the market. Now that you’ve completed those tasks, had your home staged and your photos shot, and listed your home…you’re done, right? To be a truly savvy seller, you need a strategy for the next phase. Here are some proven successful techniques!

    Price To Sell From The Start.
    Your best time to achieve optimum market price in a depreciating market is in the first 2 weeks. Are you competitive within the market? Would a buyer choose your home over others for sale?

    The market speaks to you in the first 2 weeks – what is it saying?

    Predict The “No”
    Review possible stopping blocks to your home selling and fix them. (Example: if you don’t have parking, secure rental parking nearby and offer to pay 2 years for the buyer.)

    Request Feedback From All Showings
    Your realtor should do this and review with you weekly. Is there a pattern as to why buyers are saying no instead of yes?

    Connect With Your Realtor Every Week
    Review online “showings” (web traffic), agent outreach and updated market conditions. Has the market value stayed the same or decreased? Is your home still a compelling property as it’s currently positioned?

    Plan For a 5% Price Reduction Every 30 Days
    Reach a new group of buyers this way, don’t just remind those that have already seen it that it’s not a compelling enough property to buy.

    These are just a few of the strategies that I’ve found successful with my clients over the years. Have a specific question or strategy that has worked for you? I’d love to hear from you. E-mail me at scott(dotted)curcio(at)cbexchange(dotted)com.