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    Scott’s Savvy Seller Tip: When Should I Sell?

    The spring housing market is beginning…now.

    Sounds crazy, right? Well, the spring market starts to churn and move right after the new year turns. The real estate market functions based on when homes close. If a buyer enters into a sales contract in mid March, he or she will close approximately 45 days later (early May). That is a spring closing. Considering it will take 30-45 days to get your home under contract, than the spring seller shoudl be on market by late January or early February.

    I see many homeowners wait to list in spring (April or May), but those become summer closings. So, let’s consider the reasons why people move: to get more space, to down size, or to move in or out of an area. If we specifically consider the up or down size movers, they likely have another property to sell before they can  buy yours. Dangling the carrot in front of them can move them to action on their current home, and allow them to purchase yours. Remember, too, that upsizing is often the result of a growing household size. If children are involved, buyers may be intent on getting settled well before school starts, by late July/early August. That would mean they start their search in the winter/spring months to find the ‘perfect’ home.

    Of course, homes list & sell every day of the year. The most important thing to ask yourself: When is the right time for me to sell my home.  Work around that, but be sure to take advantage of the season. Here are some examples:

    Selling in Spring or Summer? Be sure your home’s exterior is landscaped & crisp, and says “Come Home” to every buyer!
    Selling during October? Host a Halloween-themed open house!
    Selling during December? Decorate the outside of your home for the holidays to create a warm & welcoming feel.

    My #1 rule though: Price it well, and it will sell, no matter the time of year!