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    Scott’s Savvy Buyer Tip #7 – Pay A Little More

    Speaking from personal experience, I know there is nothing worse than the one that got away. For me, it was a 2-flat that I could have, and should have, offered my maximum price. Even at the top of my range, it was a great deal and the right fit for me. The home went to a cash buyer, and from time to time I wonder what might have happened if I did offer my maximum price (nearly $20,000 above the final sale price). Unfortunately for me, I drive by the house every day (it’s on my block).

    In real estate there are no absolutes. When it is time to negotiate, remember this: 5 years from now, as you sit on the back porch watching your children run around the yard, or you look down the dining table at your dinner party guests laughing and talking…will you remember that you paid 5-10 thousand more on the house? Or will you be glad you did because of the memories being created in front of you? There are certain things in life we can’t put a price on, and living the life we want to lead is one of them.

    So pay a little more for that perfect house if need be. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.