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    Spring Home Maintenance Tips

    The most important thing you can do for your home this spring is give it a tune-up! Here’s my list of items to check to keep your home in great shape!

    Check the caulk & grout around sinks – replace as necessary

    Re-seal exterior wood decks

    Check the finish on doors & windows. Additionally, take the time to open each of your windows and doors, clean out dirty tracks or window wells, and re-caulk around them as necessary

    Check for broken glass or damaged screens and repair or replace them

    Clean window wells & storm drains, and with leaves back the trees – be sure to check these on a weekly basis to avoid unnecessary floods

    Check for trip hazards in sidewalks, breezeways or patios and repair

    Check masonry for cracks and loose joints, including your parapet wall

    Check for damaged gutters and downspouts

    Inspection foundation cracks for new movement

    Have your air conditioner checked by a professional

    If your HVAC has a humidifier, turn it off

    Test all GFCI outlets

    Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace the batteries in each

    Check the underside of your roof (soffits) for water damage or holes. While you’re at it – crawl into your attic to make sure there aren’t any visible leaks or critters making a home for themselves. Make sure any pipes that vent your bathroom fans to the outside are affixed and not leaking moisture into the space

    Check the roof for damaged or loose shingles or flashing, or any holes