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    Summer Home Maintenance Tips

    The weather is warm (well, most places at least) and that means it’s time to get outside…and take a look at your house! Maintaining your home – for most of us, our biggest investment – is so important to helping you save money in the long run.

    So, use this handy checklist to inspect your home and ensure it’s running efficiently!

    • Have air conditioner checked by a professional
    • Turn off humidifier
    • Test smoke and CO detectors & GFCI outlets
    • Check caulk/grout around tubs, showers & sinks
    • Check underside of roof (attic) for water damage
    • Check for damaged (or loose) roof shingles, gutters & downspouts and flashings
    • Check painted surfaces for paint deterioration
    • Check finish on doors & windows
    • Check for broken glass or damaged screens
    • Clean window wells & storm drains
    • Check for trip hazards in sidewalks
    • Check masonry for cracks & loose joints
    • Check siding & trim for damage & decay
    • Check for damaged gutters & downspouts
    • Inspect foundation cracks for new movement