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    The Great Recession?

    Or the recession that made us great? It’s a line you may have heard from recent commercials for Allstate Insurance. It’s a great mantra – and shows our ability to choose how we’ll think – positively or negatively.

    I think about this alot, mostly every time the S&P/Case-Schiller Price Indexes come out (this measures housing market trends). I don’t remember us paying so much attention to this 10 years ago….but when times are tough, the media likes to grab onto every statistic and report them from a macro-economic stance. We forget to look at the nuances of our sub markets & niches to truly evaluate how our housing inventory is doing.

    Back to the original topic – the recession that made us great. That’s my perspective, at least for myself. I can’t tell anyone how to think – but life is too short to spend it being negative. A whole new breed of wealth is being borne out of this economic climate. For those not afraid to take a little leap, or make a change that long term will benefit more than in the present, opportunity abounds. I see it every day, and its inspiring.

    I was a recession victim myself, having been laid off from my corporate job in 2008. Already practicing real estate for several years, with a nice side business developed & consistent client base, I chose to dive in. Friday was my last day at Whole Foods…Monday morning I was at my desk at Coldwell Banker gearing up for my new full-time career. I dove in, never looked back, and have never been happier. I chose to thrive & succeed. You can too.