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    Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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    We all know winters in Chicago can be brutal!  Use these tips to make sure your home is ready for the elements.

    1. Shovel snow away from your home’s foundation.

    Why: The key to avoiding foundation deterioration and expensive repairs is to prevent water from pooling around the base of your house. If maintaining a snow-free moat isn’t possible, consider focusing your efforts on areas more prone to water damage, such as basement windows and concrete steps.

    2. Remove ice dams on low-pitched roofs and gutters.

    Why: Come spring those dams will melt and can lead to damaged roof shingles and water seeping into your foundation.

    3. Remove snow and ice from external vents.

    Why: Blocked vents can cause damage to your roof, but the real danger is to your heating and cooling systems. Extra pressure on these set-ups can lead to moisture problems-and possibly mould or rot in a home’s wooden structure.

    4. Replace furnace filters.

    Why: The business of air filters is to collect debris and allergens, so be sure to replace them every three months to keep your furnace running effectively (and your home toasty!).

    5. Winterize yard furniture and equipment.

    Why: A good patio set can set you back $500 or more, and a decent gas lawn mower can cost $300, so extending their lifespans saves you money.